Pool Heating – The temperature will be rising


Visitors of Walsall photography studio, Catfish Studio, will be aware of the ongoing situation in the swimming pool room.

For those who aren’t, the water has been freezing cold for some time. A couple of brave souls have dared to enter, and truly, I salute them. Some of have dipped their toes in, but that was more than enough for them.

As it is now Spring, photoshoots in the pool room have been slightly more bearable as the room is certainly not as cold as it was in Winter. At least the sauna has been there to provide some relief and recovery for models who have had to suffer the cold.

It has been an arduous task to find someone who could fix the heating but time after time, we were let down.

However, we have some good news, in that we have managed to find people who are working on resolving the problem.

While works are ongoing, we are very confident that the swimming pool will be warming up very soon. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

So, to answer all those questions about heating situation, we expect things to warm up week beginning 8th May 2017.

If you’ve been one of those eager photographers or models who have wanted a photoshoot in the pool, you can make your booking now.

The pool should be warmed up by the timeĀ Elle Harris is at the studio for one our daytime group photography events, so we may finally be able to have model who will be comfortable in the pool.

Whether you want to book our photography studio for yourself, or you want to come along to one of our photography events, we look forward to seeing how your images turn out from using the swimming pool and all the other settings in Catfish Studio, Walsall.

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  1. 1 Can I ask, when will the pool be warm enough to do model shoots in the water during 2018 ?
    2 Do models need to wear waterproof makeup in the pool ?
    3 Can they wear long dresses in the pool for shoots ?
    4 i will shoot with two female models in the pool is that okay?

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