Fauve Thorpe – Make Up Artist for hire

Catfish Studio, in Walsall, opened its doors in September 2016 to photographers, models, and other creatives with the intention to hire out the premises for their own photoshoots.

In the beginning, it didn’t really occur to me to work alongside other creatives in a home based, photography studio. That was until I was contacted by Fauve Thorpe, a make up artist originally based in Birmingham. She was moving to Walsall and was looking for another studio to work in, close by to where she was going to live.

I wasn’t familiar with her work but the prospect of having a make up artist to work with at the studio was appealing.

We met at the studio where she showed me her work. I was very impressed with her portfolio, and was already visualising endless possibilities of how we could work together at the studio.

I came across one image that I instantly recognised. In disbelief, I exclaimed at Fauve “You did this?” The photo below was one I’d initially seen on Purple Port, a networking website used by many creatives in the photography and modelling industry. It was featured on their front page, and I remember then how much I loved the idea behind this photo. The make up was incredible and I couldn’t believe that the make up artist responsible for creating this look wanted to work at Catfish Studio. Safe to say, at that point, Fauve immediately became a permanent fixture at the studio.

Photography by Ben Archer

Models and photographers who have the chance to work with Fauve, during her time at Catfish Studio, have been very happy with the looks she’s created for them. In fact, one model loved her make up so much, she even kept it on after the photoshoot, to go out to meet her friends.

If you require Fauve’s make up and hairstyling services for your photoshoot, simply contact the studio in advance with your ideas, and Fauve will arrange your looks for you. Rates for Fauve’s services, as well the studio hire, can be found here.

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