Photoshoot with MUA Marra Entezary

There are plenty of talented make up artists across the West Midlands, including Catfish Studio regular, Fauve Thorpe. Another one of which is Dudley based make up artist, Marra Entezary.

Images of Marra’s work had been coming up on my Facebook timeline, through photographers I was connected with.

One day, Marra had put out a casting looking for models and photographers to work, so I thought I’d respond. I opened up the Facebook Messenger app and I was typing my message, a message suddenly appeared in the window. Marra had just contacted me right as I was about to contact her. What a bizarre coincidence!

After getting over the freaky timing in messaging each other, a date was arranged for Marra to come work at Catfish Studio. Originally, about 4 or 5 models were due to come to the photoshoot but unfortunately, a couple of them had cancelled on us at the last minute. Sadly, these things do happen but with 3 models, we would certainly have a range of looks to work with.

The entire day was fantastic from start to finish. It was an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with Marra, along with the 3 models who arrived on the day, who I can also recommend to photographers to work with.


Collette Parke


Anu Singh Puar (Instagram)




Marra specialises in beauty and bridal make up, so any brides-to-be out there, do get in touch with Marra if you want to look stunning on your wedding day.


Marra is also available to book for photoshoots, and is available to work from Catfish Studio. You can see more of Marra’s work over at her Facebook page, Beauty By Marra.

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