Rebecca Peace Studio Evening

Studio days, held for models and photographers for one to one photoshoots, are a regular occurrence at Catfish Studio, normally held during the daytime on Saturdays. One was to be arranged with model and Youtube presenter, Rebecca Peace, when she got in touch with the studio. However, moments after arranging a date, we both realised we had other commitments, so had to rearrange. As Rebecca was local to the studio, we thought we’d try hosting her studio event on a Thursday evening.

The studio hasn’t hosted an evening event since March, when model Lou Lou Blondie was here for a group photoshoot. The event went down well with everyone involved, but there have been no more group photoshoot events at Catfish Studio since then, largely as one to one photoshoots have been working out much better here.

Lou Lou Blondie group event

It was very encouraging to see that Rebecca’s studio evening had sold out fairly quick, so it was just a case of seeing how the event would unfold.

The first photographer booked to shoot had cancelled about half an hour before the event was due to begin. This wasn’t too much of a problem, as it gave me time to get to know Rebecca and show her around the studio. Plus, it gave her a bit of time to head down to the local Domino’s too.

Rebecca had said she was fairly apprehensive about shooting here due to previous bad experiences she had encountered with other photographers, which unfortunately does occur in this industry. But within a few minutes of her being here, she was totally relaxed, at ease, and already looking forward to meeting the photographers who were due to come to the event.

The photographers who showed up were happy with the way the evening went, and really enjoyed shooting with Rebecca. So much so, that one talked about booking her here again for a pool photoshoot!

As the event went so well, I was quite hasty in putting out a video post stating that I’d be looking to do more evening events. But after being brought back down the Earth, it dawned on me that I don’t really have much time to host evening events this year, especially as the days will be getting shorter soon.

Although Catfish Studio won’t be hosting evening events this year, they will resume as from March 2018.

In the mean time, look out for our upcoming studio days featuring Sophie Swain on 16th September, and Thea Rose on 7th October.

(featured image by Ian Woodhouse)

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