Studio Room Evolution

Since the inception of Catfish Studio in Walsall, the conservatory was being used the area for studio photography, as it was the only feasible area to work in. Although the area wasn’t the ideal for size that a studio should be, it still managed to serve its purpose, and was sizeable enough for photographers to work in, and to store all the photography equipment.

The real drawback to using the conservatory as a studio space was the amount of natural light was let in through the large, glass windows and doors.

That is not to say that it was completely unworkable as I was able to take portraits like the one below.

smoke fog effects leather jacket actress asian model studio

However, as a photographer, you want to be in control of the lighting in your room, especially if you wanted to use low key lighting or take long exposure images.

I had considered blocking out the ambient light with either a large curtain or creating some V-Flats, but I ran into a bit of good fortune recently.

There were old items taking up space in the garage that someone had bought from me after advertising them on Gumtree. As the space had cleared, this allowed the possibility of using the garage as a studio space.

It’s extremely spacious, has a high ceiling, and most of all, there is no natural light coming through the side of wall.

I’ve managed to use this space recently, on a photoshoot with MUA Fauve Thorpe,┬áthe results of which will be published soon on both the Facebook page, and Instagram account.

The new studio space is still a work in progress, but it certainly is ready for photoshoots. So, next time you book your next photoshoot at Catfish Studio, get as creative as you like in this space, using all the lighting modifiers available, including coloured gels, and the fog machine.

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