Lousy Smarch Weather

March is here but it’s not what we expected. This so called “Beast from the East” has struck across the country causing us to face some unusual sub-zero temperatures. Few of you have braved the cold to go out for photoshoots, and I salute you for doing so. As for me, I prefer to be sat next to my heater, writing this blog to inform you about studio days and group photoshoots at Catfish Studio.


Studio Days

I’ve been advertising the upcoming photography studio days across social media and other sites. As so many have been announced, with more to come, it might be difficult to remember which models are coming when. To make life a little bit easier, here’s a round up of who’ll be available to shoot at Catfish Studio this year.

Jessica Taylor – Saturday 24th March 2018, £50 per hour up to nude

Katianna – Saturday 14th April 2018,  £55 per hour up to nude

Holly Alexander – Thursday 26th April, £50 per hour up to implied nude

Helen Gibson – Saturday 12th May,  £55 per hour up to topless

Sjay – Thursday 17th May, £40 per hour up to implied topless

Elle J – Saturday 30th June, £50 per hour up to nude

Amber Rickard – Saturday 14th July, £55 per hour to implied topless

You can also find this list on the events page, where details are given on times available and how to book.


Group Photoshoots and Workshops

Group events used to happen at Catfish Studio but I haven’t run any for almost a year now.  In the past, they were done as photography events run by the studio. Now, there’ll be a different approach as to how group events will be organised here. Models looking to use Catfish Studio as a venue for group photoshoots will have to book and pay for the studio prior to the date of their event. Models can book the studio on any date they prefer, and will be responsible for promoting and organising their event, and handling payments. Photographers looking to hire Catfish Studio as a venue for their photography workshops can do the same as well. Of course, I will help to promote your group photoshoots and workshops but it is primarily the responsibility of the person who booked to do so.

When booking Catfish Studio for group events and workshops, you will be subjected to paying the group rates. You can find details of hire rates here. Cost of hire includes use of all the facilities and settings advertised on the website.

If you want to contact me regarding any of the above, please email studio@catfishstudio.co.uk


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