Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Catfish Studio?

Catfish Studio is based in Walsall, in the West Midlands, located near the Metro Inns hotel, WS5 3AB, on Birmingham Road.

How do you get to Catfish Studio?

By Car – 5 minutes drive from Junctions 7 & 9 off the M6.

By Bus – Nearest bus stop – Metro Inns Hotel.

25 minutes on the 51 or X51 bus from Birmingham city centre to Walsall town centre. 5 minutes on the 51 or X51 bus from Walsall town centre to Birmingham city centre.

By train – Nearest train station is Walsall. Taxis are available from the train station but we may also be available to pick you up.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available. Sometimes, there is space to park on the driveway but if not, there is plenty of parking available on the road.

What are the rates for Catfish studio?

You can find details of the rates for private hire and group shoots here.

How can I book Catfish Studio for my photoshoot?

It really simple. Just click on the “Book Your Photoshoot” button floating around on the website, and you will be taken straight to the booking form.

Why is payment taken in advance of my booking?

There are two main reasons for this. First, is to avoid time wasters. Paying for your booking confirms your place at Catfish Studio. Second, once payment is received from you, you will be given the exact address of Catfish Studio.

Can I pay for the studio on the day of my booking?

No. Payment must be made in advance to the date of your booking for the reasons stated above.

I need to cancel my booking. What’s your cancellation policy?

You have until 48 hours before the date of your photoshoot to cancel your booking. If you notify us of your cancellation within this time limit, you will be entitled to a full refund. Failure to notify us of your cancellation within this time means you will not be entitled to your refund.

Do you have photography equipment available?

Yes, you can find the full list of equipment available to use here.

Am I allowed to bring my own equipment?

Yes. If you are much more comfortable using your own lights and equipment, then please feel free to bring them.

Do you have make up artists available at the studio?

Yes, we do have make up artists available. To enquire about their rates and availability, please contact us at studio@catfishstudio.co.uk

Can we set up lights in the pool room?

The pool room does have  a vast amount of natural light available. Lights can be set up in the pool room but they must be battery operated only. Strictly no live wires in the pool room.

How deep is the pool, and is it heated?

The pool is 2 metres deep as the deepest end and 1 metre deep at the shallow end. The pool is heated, but please note that during the winter, it may be cold, so it  is not recommended that anyone goes inside the pool during winter.

Can we bring food at Catfish Studio?

Yes. We certainly don’t want you going hungry during your shoot. A microwave is available to use, and we provide tea and coffee during your time here. There are also shops nearby that sell food, along with pubs, restaurants, and takeaway outlets.

Do you have an iPhone charger?

As Android users, we do not have iPhone/iPad chargers available. Please remember to bring your iPhone chargers with you.

How can I receive regular updates about Catfish Studio?

You can receive regular updates about Catfish Studio by signing up to our mailing list here, or following us on social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here, you will receive news about events happening at Catfish Studio, behind the scenes footage, and more.

I’ve had a great photoshoot at Catfish Studio. Where can I leave a review?

You can leave a review of your experience at Catfish Studio over at our Facebook page, and on our Purple Port or Mad Cow Models pages, if you have an account. You can also search “Catfish Studio” on Google, and leave a review on our Google account. All reviews will be rewarded, so why not leave us one.


If you have any other questions that are not listed on here, or need more information from the questions above, please let us know by dropping a message on our contact page or email studio@catfishstudio.co.uk